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Vipeak Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder Highly Effective in Power Plant Desulfurization Agent Processing


Electricity is indispensable in modern life, study and work. Without it, machines cannot run, and many of our work cannot be carried out normally. China is a large power consuming country, where thermal power generation plays an important role in total power generation. Coal is the main material for thermal power generation, and its consumption is increasing and environmental pollution caused thereby is also increasing.
When coal is burned, most of the sulfur is oxidized to sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is emitted with the flue gas, pollutes the atmosphere, endangers animal and plant growth and human health, and corrodes metal equipment. With growth of China's national economy, the flue gas desulfurization of thermal power plants has become the top priority of China's environmental governance.
Desulfurization refers to fixing the sulfur element in the coal into a solid with a calcium-based method to prevent the formation of SO2 during combustion. At present, the most widely used desulfurization method in the world is the limestone-gypsum desulfurization method. The limestone-gypsum method can desulfurize high-sulfur coal at more than 90%, and desulfurize low-sulfur coal at more than 95%. Countries around the world (such as Germany, Japan, etc.) use this desulfurization method in more than 90% of large thermal power plants. The most important substance in the limestone-gypsum desulfurization method is limestone powder.
The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The combination of calcium carbonate and sulfur dioxide will produce solid calcium nitrite (CaSO3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). In this way, environmental pollution caused by sulfur dioxide can be eliminated. After pulverizing, limestone contact surface with coal is enlarged to improve utilization.

Five Advantages of YCV Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder

1. Optimized Grinding Unit, Bigger Grinding Force, Efficient and Energy-Saving

Main mill grinding unit is optimized to completely release the centrifugal force, achieve high crushing pressure and high production efficiency. Frequency conversion control device can keep the equipment in the best operating mode and save energy.

2. Fine Classification and Adjustable Size Ranges

A high-density cage classifier is equipped, which has high classification efficiency and finer classification. Frequency converting control is applied to adjust the final product size ranges.

3. Long Service Life, Low Costs and High Efficiency

Thin oil lubrication applied, no need to lubricate frequently, long service life, low costs and high efficiency.

4. Bypass Cyclone Powder Collector, Better Powder Collecting Effect

Bypass cyclone powder collector design reduces cyclone burden and improves powder collecting effect.

5. Safe, Environmentally-Friendly, and Clean

A maintenance platform is added to make operation and maintenance safer and more convenient. A pulse bag dust collector is equipped to achieve efficient automatic dust removal, high dust removal efficiency, and a clean operating environment.

Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder Client Sites

Client Comment: We choose to cooperate with Vipeak after inspecting many suppliers. Vipeak staff are professional and responsible. From installation to commissioning, Vipeak staff actively communicate with us and provide us with many good production suggestions, which will also guide us in our future work.

Client Comment: The grinder installed at our factory runs smoothly in production, which can work continuously for a long time. It has high efficiency, and the quality of the finished product is good. Vipeak staff are responsible and conscientious, who often visit and guide our maintenance work. Looking forward to cooperating with Vipeak once again.

Client Comment: During the pre-sales stage, Vipeak staff came to visit me and offered a reasonable production plan according to my requirements. At the same time, they communicate with me continuously. During the later installation process, the staff was careful, patient, and the equipment production efficiency was high. Fine and high-quality products, machine quality and service are very satisfactory.

Vipeak has always been customer-centric in the development of the company, and strives to bring advanced technology, superb craftsmanship, and high-quality services to the country and the world. And we will take customer satisfaction and praise as our own motivation, and constantly improve ourselves to provide customers with better equipment and services.