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YGM-Q4 European Type Grinding Mill

YGM-Q4 Series European Type Strength Grinding Mill is completely updated high-end high capacity energy-saving environmental and strong grinding equipment.It is widely used in the fields of mining construction materials electric power road and bridge building coal metallurgy chemical ceramics fireproof industries and so on.

Raw Materials:

Limestone, calcite, fly ash, calcium carbide, kaolin, calcium carbonate, coal gangue, gypsum, grain slag, ore slag, coal dust, bentonite, barite, marble, talc, refractory material


mining industry, chemical engineering, construction material and metallurgy industry over 280 kinds material process


YGM-Q4 whole structure is constituted by main machine, analytical engine, plumbing installation and air blower, crusher, elevator, electromagnetism vibrating feeder and electric motor.

After being crushed to requested size, material will be taken to storage hopper by elevator, then vibrating feeder will convey material evenly and continuously to main machine grinding chamber, under the force of centrifugal, grinding roller swing outward and press on grinding ring, shovel blade scoops material up to gap between roll and ring, grinding roller rolls to grind material.

After being grinded, fine powder will be taken to classifier to be classified, coarse material will fall down to be reground, standard fine powder will go to finished product cyclone collector and discharged by discharge powder tube.
product introduction

Product Advantages

  • 01

    Optimized Host Grinding Device

    • The grinding roller device adopts republication type greatly improve the milling force efficient production.
  • 02

    Integrated Transmission

    • Integrated drive bevel gear drive chain reduced transmission efficiency is greatly improved; simple foundation structure mill no special construction gear mounting platform.
  • 03

    Product Size Adjustment

    • The choice of leaf disc grader or turbine-grade machines uses the frequency changer to adjust speed to achieve the fineness of product adjustable between 80-600 mesh.
  • 04

    Optimize Circuit Loop Efficient

    • Curved duct without resistance without resistance into the wind volute design to reduce airflow resistance so that the smooth flow of materials improve efficiency separator.

Product Specification

Main Specification:
Quantity of
Speed of 
The Final 
External Dimension
YGM95- Q4
950 4 132 ≤25 80-800 0.5-6.5 7350×5900×7900
YGM130- Q4 1280 4 106 30 80-600 2-13.8 8000×8550×9700
YGM138- Q4 1380 4 105 30 80-600 2.9-17.5 9700×8500×10200
YGM160- Q4 1600 4 92 30 80-425 5-25 9230×10116×10510
YGM178- Q4 1800 4 78 ≤35 80-425 6.5-32 9368×11500×11000
YGM190- Q4 1900 4 72 35 80-425 8.4-40 10465×11372×11500
YGM218- Q4 2200 4 65 ≤40 80-425 12-55 16000×17000×13500

Power Specification:
Main frame 
Power of 
Air Blower
Power of 
Model of Pulse 
Dust Collector
Dust Catcher Power
(kw) Blower + 
Air Compressor 
Power of 
Frequency feader
YGM95- Q4 37 30-37 5.5-11 DMC36 3+4 0.15
YGM130- Q4 75-90 75-90 18.5-22 DMC36 3+4 3
YGM138- Q4 90-110 110-132 22-30 DMC48 3+4 4
YGM160- Q4 132-160 160-200 30-37 DMC64 5.5+5.5 5.5
YGM178- Q4 185-200 200-220 37-45 DMC96 7.5+7.5 5.5
YGM190- Q4 220-250 220-250 45-55 DMC96 7.5+7.5 5.5
YGM218- Q4 355-400 355-400 75-90 DMC200 18.5+18.5 7.5

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