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2016-06-02 08:46Company News

YCVXO-Q4-YHR realizes another beautiful transformation of V-type mill

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Vipeak's powder making equipments have been doing well in supporting desulfurization in power plant. Vipeak with its rich market experience and excellent product quality and service, can be the best choice. Vipeak Heavy Industry coperated again with Chalco to supply a YCVXO - Q4 - YHR european type reinforced hyper pressure V type grinder to Henan Branch of Chalco for power plant desulphurization project, which is another high-performance product.

YCVXO-Q4-YHR series v type grinder is the main product suitable for grinding into 325 mesh powder among the V type grinders. Based on the structral advantages like high effciency and energy saving, it is upgraded on the durability and stability. 1. Change the upper support structure on the ball mill of the "S" series for built-in plane sliding support structure. 2.Transform the exposed wear-resisting casing in the middle of "S " series vertical shaft into the built-in wear-resisting casing on both ends, which makes vertical shaft longer, support fork greater. 3. To optimize the design of the roller assembly, change the traditional symmetric structure for the eccentric wheel pressure structure. 4. YCVXO - Q4 - YHR series "V" type mill is overall upgraded, operated on YGMXO - Q4 - Y platform and can exchange with "Y" series for strong generality.

After intensified production, at present, the model has arrived at the customer site, and equipment installation work begins. Before that, after continuous upgrade, the hyper pressure V grinder was becoming more and more recognized by the market and gradually became the star product of powder making machines. However, YCVXO-Q4-YHR series with absolute advantages like higher capacity and stability, high efficiency, intelligence, and environmental protection wins customers' trust and praise.  Truly achieve quality declaration of the continuos pursuit of excellence and do no best, only better.