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2016-05-04 10:29Company News

Vipeak Mills Supports The World's Top Power Generating Equipments

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With the successful completion of 168 hours full load test run, a formal grid, Laiwu Thermal Power Plant Unit VI of Huaneng Group,the first million-kilowatt supercritical Unit with Double Reheat officially put into operation, marking the Huaneng Group and Shandong Province at the end of 2015. Vipeak milling device again successfully settled Laiwu Power Plant, and to provide limestone milling equipment for the world's most advanced turbine.
The unit of Laiwu Power Plant uses the world's most advanced secondary reheat technology, improve the operating efficiency of the unit by increasing the thermodynamic cycles. According to the design data, the unit power generation efficiency 47.95%, about 2.2% higher than the average efficiency of the conventional one million units; unit design coal consumption 256.16 g / kWh, lower than the conventional one million units 14.1 g / kWh; environmental indicators clean emissions, currently the highest efficiency, lowest power consumption, the best indicators, environmental best thermal power units.
Since the project started construction in June 2013, aimed to the "National Excellent Award"  according to Huaneng "high starting point, high standard construction, high-level management, high output efficiency, low energy consumption, low emissions" requirements, with strict safety works , quality management, enhance process control and construction organization, to overcome the difficulties, smooth realization of power plant by electricity smoothly, steam turbine buckle cylinder, hydrostatic testing, boiler ignition, turn red turbine, generator and network, 168 commissioning and other "seven a successful "in achieving high standards of units put into operation goal, to create a" grid-type boiler volume of the country's largest base, the country's highest height of the boiler, the boiler up to the number of weld country, the country's highest water pressure test, pressure test from the unit minimum ignition, from the grid to complete 168 hours test using the shortest blowpipe took "a number of national records.
Laiwu Huaneng Power Plant "promoting a big pressure small" expansion project in Shandong Province and Huaneng Group "the twelfth-five guideline " focus on planning and construction of power projects, Shandong Huaneng sixth unit is the company's first million-unit. Units put into operation. it has an extremely important strategic significance for strengthening power grid voltage support capability in the center of Shandong and security stability. It has laid a solid foundation.for improving China's high-end large-scale coal-fired units and the standards of operating equipment design and manufacturing and achieving thermal power major technological advances, leading international fire power generation technology development.
Laiwu Power Plant selected Vipeak milling device again in April 2016, after it purchased Vipeak YGMXO190-Ⅱ type European Type of the Ultrafine Grinder in April 2015. Vipeak grinding mill equipment over the years has been outstanding in terms of power plant desulfurization. In recent years, it is based on ten years’ of market experience, combined with domestic and foreign powder technology trends and market demand, innovative design concept, introduced YCV Series high Pressure V-type milling machine, with more than 20 patents. Type A, Y, Z type, YHR-Series ,the new mill, have introduced on the a basis of V Type mill energy-efficient, and further improve the operational stability of the device in these past two years.
Vipeak European Type Ultrafine Series High Pressure V Type Mill has commissioned in Huadian, Huaneng, Datang, Guodian thermal power generation and other major domestic enterprises, and maintain long-term stable operation. Environmental desulfurization equipment in power plants, has been far ahead in the same industry. In the future, Vipeak will focus on equipment technology-depth study and exploration, improve equipment performance, and strive to lead in the national environmental protection requirements, for major thermal power enterprises to provide high value-added products, to create greater profit margins for the Vipeak’s customers  and to contribute to the cause of environmental protection. Zhengzhou Vipeak will continue to lay a solid foundation of technology, excellent market experience, continue to provide assistance continually to for the thermal power enterprises in cooperation with Laiwu Huaneng Thermal Power Plant again .