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2016-03-07 15:04Company News

Vipeak SQLM1900-Q2 Mill Leads Feldspar Mill Industry

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Potassium feldspar (KAlSi3O8), also called orthoclase, is monoclinic, usually with flesh red, white, or grey color. Its theoretical composition is SiO2 64.7% Al2O3 64.7% and 16.9% K2O, with density 2.54-2.57g/cm3, specific gravity 2.56 ~ 2.59 g/cm3, hardness 6. It has low melting point (1150-20 ℃), long melting time interval, high melt viscosity etc, widely used in the ceramic blank, ceramic glaze, glass, porcelain, abrasive materials and other industrial sectors and potassic fertilizer production. With the development of science and technology, potash feldspar application is becoming more and more widely. The demand for potassium feldspar is bound to increase greatly in the traditional field like ceramic and enamel glaze, glass fluxing agent, abrasive and other industries. Especially the huge potential demand by using the potassium extraction technology to produce potassium magnesium silicon compound fertilizer and potassium feldspar powder products makes the potassium feldspar depth development have a broad prospect.

With the rapid development of China's economic construction and the constant improvement of urbanization, the market of building materials for home decoration like sanitary ware and ceramic tile recovers gradually, and the usage of glass products and building ceramics is increased, which provides a lot of space for ceramics industry. As the main raw material of ceramic industry, the demand for potassium feldspar is thus increased and it has a very broad market prospect. The increased demand for raw materials makes the processing industry develop rapidly, and potassium feldspar mill equipments have been widely used. With the rapid development of industry, potassium feldspar industry in the future will also develop in the direction of high quality, greening, high-tech content. As a leading professional manufacturer of domestic milling equipments, Vipeak produces SQLM1900 - Q2 Upper Driven Vertical Mill, tailored for grinding fragile but hard-to-grind materials like potassium sodium feldspar, fly ash, slag, and quartz. It solves the existing processing problem of high energy consumption which occurs in the operation of traditional ball mill, and vertical mill, and successfully used at Shandong potash feldspar processing scene. According to the feedback of field data, the single machine production capacity can reach 60-80 t/h, compared to the original ball mill processing technology, energy consumption is reduced by more than 60%, occupied area is saved by more than one time, obtaining high praise of customers. We believe that our machines will play a big advantage and function in the field of potassium feldspar powder making industry.

Vipeak’s patent product- SQLM1900 - Q2 Upper Driven Vertical Mill and its technical advantages:

1, Super grinding function: large-scale powder making, production of wide range of 30-600 mesh fineness.
2, Unique effective upper driven structure:the main power from the top of the host directly drives grinding components to work to avoid restrictions of centre drive shaft set in the center of the mill on the size of rollers.
3, Two very large rollers can release super grinding force. At the same time super inertia accumulator can absorb vibration of working rollers. 
4, To optimize the design of the body: Steel and concrete combined frame makes the capacity of vibration resistance of the whole frame dozens of times higher than that of traditional pendulum grinding mill. It can effectively absorb vibration ,control displacement, and solve the transportation problem of large-size components.
5, Continuous working ability: Non-stop automatic lubrication function, reliable temperature monitoring system, and the necessary auxiliary cooling system ensure a continuous and reliable three-shift operation, planned maintenance.
6, Drying capacity of the grinding machine: When raw material moisture content is 15% or less, open type system can be used to realize the integration operation of drying, grinding, grading, and transportation ,saving space and investment,  high efficiency and energy saving.
7, The insurance function of main shaft: when the shovel blade instantly impacts the material, safety device set between the cutter and spindle rotor can protect the safety of main shaft hanger and other important components. At the same time it can control system, raise the alarm, and stop operation immediately.
8, Multiple stiffness damping shock absorbing function:  Multiple stiffness damping shock absorbing device can effectively restrain vibration, reduce the high frequency noise.
9, Maintenance support functions: the lifting mechanism can help to realize the movement of parts and automatic lifting and falling in maintenance.
10, Remarkable energy-saving effect: fewer rollers also make less turbulent flow in duct, better ventilation, and effectively reduce the fan power consumption.
11, Meet the demand of more differentiated functions: To meet the needs of different customers, also provide more humanized process parameters.

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