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2016-02-29 11:38Company News

Closing Down Backward Production Facilities Completed

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On December 18, 2015, Feng Fei,the vice minister of MIIT told the reporter, phased progress of closing down backward production facilities in key industries such as steel, cement, electrolytic aluminium and promoting transformation and upgrading of enterprises has been made.

"In terms of the equipment scale and technology, the vast majority of backward production facilities have been eliminated, only few left.” Feng Fei,the vice minister of MIIT said, iron making blast furnace of the steel industry with capacity below 400 cubic meters accounts for 1% , steelmaking converter with capacity of 30 tons and below accounts for 0.6%, and pre-baked cell capacity of electrolytic aluminium industry under 160000 Ann accounts for 0.4%, industrial structure optimized.

According to data, from 2011 to 2014,more than 8000 enterprises close down backward production facilities involving 19 industry covering iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, light industry, textile, food . Backward production capacity of 77 million tons of ironmaking , 77 million tons of steelmaking, 600 million tons of cement, 1.6 million tons of electrolytic aluminium, and 29 million tons of paper are phased out. Not only the original "twelfth five-year" task is completed one year in advance, but also the additional tasks are completed.

Mr. Feng also said, at present, in the process of transformation and upgrading, the industrial enterprises show in three differentiations: firstly, differentiation appears among industries: on the one hand, some traditional industries are difficult to develop. On the other hand, some emerging industries have maintained a good momentum of development; secondly, the enterprises appear differentiation, inside the same industry, some enterprises are difficult to develop, others develop better; thirdly, differentiation shows among areas, and in some areas ,especially in the areas of early starter of transformation and upgrading, a good momentum of development appears.

Through the observation of outstanding enterprises, Mr. Feng summed up several good practices in the process of transformation and upgrading of enterprises: one is to promote product structure upgrade; the second is to strengthen enterprise management, and reduce costs; the third is to upgrade the value chain; the fourth is to transform and upgrade traditional industries through the new technologies. Feng Fei thinks, although the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing faces outstanding difficulties, it also has a huge potential. Our country has a very large scale of market advantage; domestic demand continues to upgrade high-end market, which brings new market to traditional industries upgrade. At the same time, the quality and profit of manufacturing industry can be improved by strengthening research and development design, upgrading the brand and service and improving the value chain, providing a new space for transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The combination of a new generation of information technology such as Internet ,big data and cloud computing and the traditional manufacturing industry can greatly increase efficiency, improve the supply and innovate model, and will also bring new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing. Facing the present opportunities and difficulties, Vipeak assess the situation and makes every effort to update technology of equipments like crushers, ball mills, and other mills in order to contribute to the development of national economy and “twelfth-five-year plan”, leading the way of the reform of China's manufacturing industry!